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Flower Meanings

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Absinth/Wormwood - Separation and Torment of Love
Acacia - Platonic Love
Aconite/Monkshood - Misanthropy and Poisonous Words
Adams's Needle - A Friend in Need
Adonis - Recollection of Life's Pleasure
Almond - Virginity and Fruitfulness
Almond Blossom - Hope and Watchfulness
Aloe - Wisdom and Integrity
Allspice - Compassion
Alyssum (sweet) - Worth beyond beauty
Amaranth - Fidelity
Amaranth, Globe - Unchangeable
Amaryllis - Pastoral Poetry
Anemone - Refusal and Abandonment
Apple - Symbol of Perpetual Concord
Apricot Blossom - Timid Love
Abor Vitae - True Friendship
Artemesia - Symbol of Dignity
Asphodel - Languor and Regret
Aster - Daintiness
Azalea - Fragile and Ephemeral Passion

Baby's Breath - Happiness
Bay Wreath - Reward of Merit
Begonia - "Beware! I am fanciful!"
Bindweed - Coquette and Busybody
Blackthorn/Sloe - Difficulty and Austerity
Blue Bell - Delicacy and Humility
Burdock - Importunity and Boredom
Buttercup - Childishness

Cactus - Bravery and Endurance
Camellia - Excellence and Steadfastness
Camomile - Initiative and Ingenuity
Canterbury Bell - Constancy and Warning
Cardinal Flower - Distinction and Splendor
Carnation, Pink - Emblem of Mother's Day
Carnation, Purple - Antipathy and Capriciousness
Carnation, Red - Admiration
Carnation, White - Pure Love
Carnation, Yellow - Disdain and Rejection
Cedar Leaf - "I live for thee"
Chestnut - Independence and Injustice
China Aster - Jealousy and After-thought
Chrysanthemum, Red - "I love thee"
Chrysanthemum, White - Truth
Chrysanthemum, Yellow - Slighted Love
Cinnamon - Love and Beauty
Clematis - Artifice and Ingenuity
Clove - Dignity and Restraint
Clover - Fertility and Domestic Virtue
Clover, Four leafed - Symbol Of Good Luck
Clover, Five leafed - Symbol Of Bad Luck
Cockscomb/Celosia - Silliness or Foppery
Coltsfoot - Maternal Love and Care
Columbine - Cuckoldry and Deserted Love
Convolvulus - Humble Perseverance
Cornflower - Delicacy
Crane's-bill/Wild Geranium - Constancy and Availability
Crocus - Youthful Gladness and Attachment
Crown Imperial - Majesty and Power
Cyclamen - Resignation & Goodbye

Daffodil - Emblem of Annunciation/Regard
Dahlia - Good Taste
Daisy, Garden - Gentleness and Innocence
Dandelion - Oracle of Time and Love
Day Lily/Hemerocallis - Emblem Of The Mother
Delphinium - Airy
Dogwood - Durability