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Retailing Flowers Profitably

Retailing Flowers Profitably Book Is the florist business an artistic adventure or is it a money making venture?-

A surprise awaits those who enter the flower business expecting it to be slow paced undemanding and spiritually and artistically gratifying. For the florists who approach selling flowers as a serious business expecting to make a profit it is a very demanding business requiring multiple skills and a high level of commitment.

This book is focused on the goal of building a sizable business which makes money! There are many books available on the art of floral design. This book focuses on the art of making money selling flowers. Many fortune 500 corporations have seen the fragmented retail floral industry as an opportunity and have entered it with substantial resources of skill and capital. To date, all of these efforts have ended in failure. What then are the essential ingredients for success that have eluded the Harvard MBA's? What enabled the author of this book based in a small rural industrial town in Southeastern Pennsylvania to be numbered among the five largest retail florists in the USA? The answers will be found in this book. They are not difficult to understand and are explained in simple every day terms. Each chapter begins with a real life experience of the author which sets the stage for the lesson which follows. Detailed explanation of the procedures then complete each chapter from which any florist can take the steps need for implementation.
For just $9.95 this book will be emailed to you in a PDF format.